The world’s first ROV designed for the rigors of ice fishing

A Roboview is an ice fisherman’s best friend. Send it down the hole to scout a location before setting up. In other seasons, use it to help find the right school of fish, recover lost items, inspect hard-to-access areas like under a dock, or just have fun exploring the unknown.

What's included

  • Patented Compact ROV

    Small enough to fit down an icefishing hole and runs for up to four hours on one charge.

  • Remote control with LCD display

    Control the sub with the ease of playing a video game.

  • Kevlar reinforced high strength cable

    Using medical device grade nano-technology, this 75-foot cable is rated to withstand 65 pound test rating.

  • Virtual reality headset

    Immerse yourself in the Roboview’s surroundings with a first-person underwater view.

  • Carrying case

    Scientific instrument grade case resistant to the rigors of the outdoor world.

  • Chargers (and batteries of course)

    Up to 2 hours of consecutive underwater recording on a full charge.